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Petition aims to let Vin Scully call one more World Series

I'm not a huge fan of handing over personal info to online petition sites, but the cause that Matt Falkenbury of The Daily 'Stache is virtually pushing ranks as a great idea worth a wider forum.

Writes 'Stache on

Vin Scully, the greatest baseball announcer of all time has not called a World Series Game on Television since Game 5 of the 1988 World Series when his Dodgers defeated the Mighty A's. As his career comes closer to an end, I feel that this great man and broadcaster needs to have one more chance to shine when the stage shines the brightest, The World Series. Join me in this push to have him get one more chance to crown a World Champion in the way it should always be done, with class, dignity and honor, the way he has done it for over 60 years.

Getting the popular Los Angeles Dodgers announcer on the mic for one last Fall Classic isn't particularly a new idea. At least one Facebook group has tried pushing for Scully's appearance on FOX in years past. (It's worth noting that FOX had quite a hit on its hands the last time it featured a Scully.)

I'm also not sure if Joe Buck's lawyers would allow it to happen or if Scully is even interested in traveling that late in the season or horning his way in on someone else's show. (He probably isn't.)

But, man, can you imagine how great it would be to hear Scully guiding us through one more October after over 60 years of being baseball's best announcer? Not only would it help ratings — I'm still of the belief that Buck's endless droning has chased away many casual viewers — but it'd be a wonderful tribute to Scully himself.

Plus, think of how great those endless promos for "House" and "Glee" would sound ... Yeah, this is an idea that needs to happen. Spread the word.

Whaddya say? Would you want Vin Scully to call the World Series?

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