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KWCH: Minor League player goes on rant @ Yahoo! Video

There must be something in the Gatorade at Wichita's Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. Two years ago, former Wichita Wingnuts manager Kash Beauchamp completely lost it and turned in one of the best umpire rants of all-time, making national headlines in the process.

On Wednesday, visiting Sioux City Explorer DH Ray Serrano melted down in the same ballpark  — hey, it must be the heat of that unforgiving Kansas sun — and gave Beauchamp's tirade a run for its money.

Serrano couldn't quite match Beauchamp's intensity, but there were still a few choice moments in the fit that started with him using his bat to outline an exaggerated strike zone. From kicking dirt (again) on the umpire's freshly swept plate to holding his nose as he stormed, Serrano was not a happy man.

(Guess he didn't know that Lawrence-Dumont has one of the best bathrooms in America.) 

Big thanks to Wichita's KWCH Eyewitness News for providing the clip. Check out more video here.

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