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Matt Holliday cracks some jokes after his moth meetingGiven that Matt Holliday(notes) wasn't immediately available for comment following his uncomfortable run-in with a moth on Monday night, it seems only right to revisit the story and see what the St. Louis Cardinals slugger had to say about the incident on Tuesday.

Here's some of his comments from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. To Holliday's credit, he kept a remarkable sense of humor about the whole episode.

On what happened: "I was just standing there and all of a sudden there's a moth fluttering in my ear like crazy. I started shaking my head, like you do when you have water in your ear but I said, 'That's not working.' I don't think my glove was on for one pitch because I was trying to get it out ... But it was like, 'I can't handle this.' That's when I called time out."

On if he felt pain: "It wasn't killing me, but if you can imagine something that far in your ear fluttering the whole time, it's not comfortable."

On if he was worried the mouth would do some real damage : "That was my concern — that it would eat through my brain. But Dr. (George) Paletta assured me that that was not possible."

On how the moth died: "There was so much wisdom that was passed on to him that he died of the overflow of wisdom from being inside my head."

On if he'll be OK going forward: "As long as there's no larvae remaining. As long as they didn't lay babies while it was in there, I'll be OK, I think."

On why he saved the moth's corpse and put it in his locker: "I figure we're friends. We've bonded."

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