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He's back.

On a day when the real Tim Lincecum(notes) told reporters it wasn't him in the widely-circulated lookalike video first posted on Big League Stew, Tiny Tim's eerie doppelganger dropped another clip on YouTube. Unlike the first spot, the guy that claims to be Luis the Brazilian cab driver isn't wearing a San Francisco Giants cap or feigning marijuana use. So it's pretty easy to tell the slight, but still noticeable differences between him and the two-time Cy Young winner.

But like the first video, faux Lincecum still wants $1 million from the real guy (and his teammates) so he can "start my life on the right feet." Check it out:

Man, that resemblance is just too uncanny and it's not hard to see why a lot of us were fooled into thinking that the real Lincecum might have getting through the doldrums of spring training by pulling a Brian Wilsonesque Internet stunt.

Alas, poor Luis is going to have to start filming commercials around San Francisco and commanding big personal appearance fees if he wants to make the type of money he's requesting.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

"If this guy complains that everyone thinks he's me, why doesn't he cut his hair?" Lincecum said. "It's like he's growing it that way on purpose."

So … will he give the guy a million bucks, as he requests?

"Uhhhh … no," Lincecum said.

Ah, well. Hopefully the real Lincecum is a little more open to getting together with Luis and doing a side-by-side video. Yeah, that definitely needs to happen.

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