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There were actually two other more graphic photos of Brian O'Nora and the aftermath of his "meeting" with Miguel Olivo's maple broken bat on Tuesday night but they seem to have disappeared from the AP wire and the Internets at large.

Pity, too, because one featured blood just streaming down O'Nora's face, like something out of a horror movie. Both might have sent a better message to the MLB committee that's studying how to solve the maple bat crisis, but continuing to shrug their shoulders while doing so. You'd hope an image of an umpire being sent to the hospital would help speed things up a bit. 

If not, maybe they can pay more attention to this video of the incident.

Or even the testimony of the players who were there. Here's Colorado catcher Yorvit Torrealba, from Sam Mellinger's BallStar:

"All I heard was, 'Ow!' Then I turn around and I see him running off the field, then I see he was bleeding, blood everywhere. I don't even know what to say. When I saw that blood, it almost made me sick."

I tend to agree with beat blogger extraordinaire Peter Abraham here when he says that if nothing is done to solve the problem, the next stop is Bud Selig "sending a nice letter to a family who buries somebody." That's dramatic, but definitely a possibility.

Hopefully, though, O'Nora's blood will have been spilt for something.

Like a real move toward change.

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