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On the former SkyDome's 20th birthday, the Blue Jays wasted a perfectly fine performance by 24-year-old right-hander Avril Lavigne. The pop singer threw out the first pitch before her home-country Jays fell to the Angels on Wednesday night. How did it go?

Let's just say the pitch had some bite on it, like a vintage Duane Ward slider. Put it this way: she ain't no Mariah Carey, and that's a good thing.

The best part of Lavigne's outing: She wore a glove! Major points there. On the negative side, Lavigne referred to the Rogers Centre turf as "the floor" — but that's OK. When the roof's closed, it is a floor. Another negative: too much eye makeup. But that's a bone I could pick with Avril any old day.

Fans probably knew about Lavigne's fondness for ballet and extreme sports thanks to her top ten single Sk8er Boi from back in '02. But did they know she also could sling it?

During a humorously awkward in-game interview with announcers Rod Black and Pat Tabler (good ol' Pat Tabler), Lavigne related her history as a pitcher, probably in the Canadian version of Little League.

Tabler acted starstruck, if also a little condescending. He's just a boy and she's just a girl. Could he make it any more obvious?

Meanwhile, Black just ripped her pitching ability. Obviously, he's a fan of the Duff sisters.

Let's go to the video!

In the interest of complete coverage of this momentous event, we offer a partial transcript and more paparazzi of the pitch: 

Black: Here's your first pitch tonight.

Lavigne: Oh, great.

Tabler: I was very impressed with your, uh, your pitching. You got some personal... pitching... fundamentals from some of the pitchers, didn't ya'?

Lavigne: Yes, I practiced with Brandon League(notes) and ... I was actually a pitcher when I played baseball, so...

Black: Let's take a look. Are you better nowadays? Or have you been doing a lot of signing?

Lavigne: [Laughs].

(Here's the pitch... and it's low and away)

Black: Oh, that's a little outside.

Lavigne: A little to the left, but hey, at least it didn't fall... bounce on the floor.

The celebration Lavigne does — something of a cross between a Jiu-Jitsu kick and Ron Santo's clicking of the heels, probably could have been better, too.

Lavigne closed out the pitch session with a brief photo op with League, even getting his signature on the ball.

"I've been signing balls all day but it was my first time getting an autograph in a really long time," the world-famous singer/songwriter said.

Shush, you!

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