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You can take the Giants out of San Francisco for a road trip, the saying goes, but you're not allowed to misspell the city's name on the team's uniform tops.

That's right, a Majestic jersey failure — figuratively and literally — has happened for a second straight season in Major League Baseball.

When Giants reserve Eugenio Velez(notes) took the field for a double switch in the seventh inning at Houston on Wednesday night, he apparently had no idea his road grays read: "San Francicso."

San F-R-A-N-C-I-C-S ... uh-oh. That's not where Tony Bennett left his heart. That's not where hippies suggested you wear some flowers in your hair. It's not the place to ask for directions to San Jose.

San Francicso? Really?

The Associated Press reached Velez by phone on the Giants team bus as it rolled to the airport.

Fortunately, he took the news well:

"No, no, I didn't know," Velez said. "That's the first I've heard."

Everyone else's jerseys were fine. Apparently, nobody on the team noticed Velez's, or if someone did, he didn't speak to Velez about it.

"Incredible!" the Dominican said in Spanish.

It's incredible, all right, that Majestic has seen something like this happen on its watch again. The athletic wear company manufactures all of MLB's jerseys, and apparently it learned nothing from the uproariously funny Washington "Natinals" debacle of a season ago.

Then, a missing "o." Now, transposed letters — a dysfunction that is merely dyslexic.

At least Nationals is a relatively new nickname. San Francisco has been in the Bay Area since 1776, and it's had a baseball team since 1958.

Which mistake do you think is worse?

The Giants, by the way, say the bug will be fixed by the team's next road trip.

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