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We provided the pic of Kevin Youkilis(notes) doing something that looked like the triple jump.

You did the rest.

For the second straight BLS photoshop contest, talented Stewies from all over the world filled our inbox with plenty of giggleworthy interpretations on Youkilis' leap. We received about 75 total entries, each one bringing a smile to our face. We received so many good entries that not even Jon Pinto placed in our top three, despite his awesome work on Youkilis' frat dive that's pictured above.

As usual, we had a panel of several Stew friends cast votes for their favorites and you'll find the winners below. The top 3 entries will receive a print of their choice from Chris Speakman's Sports Propaganda series. (And a big BLS head nod to Chris for providing those prizes. Please check out his work and follow him on Twitter.)

Anyway, before we get to the lucky and talented triumvirate, let's review some of the strongest submissions that we received ... 

With Youk's aggressive pose, there was no shortage of submissions that had the Boston Red Sox's third baseman doing daring things, like impersonating Evel Knievel... (Mike Kingery)

... or reenacting the scene from The Great Escape (Ian Hunter, Blue Jay Hunter)

... presumably so he could make it to Fenway on time ... (Dan Higgins)

... or maybe to complete the next level of Super Mario Brothers. (Kyle Kostesich, Where's Weems)

We got a few Running of the Bulls entries, but this is the only one that had Youk finding a way out of his predicament in Pamplona. (Paul Medieiros)

This Angry Birds of the AL East entry was funnier when the Red Sox were 0-6, but it still retains a great deal of awesome. Blue Jays and O's bloggers, keep this one on file. (Evan Torres)

What's a Boston blog post without a good Evil Empire reference? (Ryan Sullivan)

Youkilis channeling his inner-Black Swan was also a popular theme. (Larry Sanders)

... as was break dancing ... (Zaki Edwards,

... as was dancing with the stars ... (David Cooper)

... as was Blades of Glory. (Dan Nykerk)

The lost apostle? Youk is Jewish, after all. (Dylan Beattie)

"Youk is not a crook!" That this Nixon photoshop was done by someone with the last name of Kennedy amuses me more than it probably should. (Brian Kennedy)

OK, onto the winners! Congratulations and a big thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an entry. Can't wait to do this again.

THIRD PLACE — "Mortal Kombat"  Steve Belfiglio

Finish him! All the fun of an arcade favorite combined with the scrape that Youk had with Detroit Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello(notes) a couple of springs ago.

SECOND PLACE —  "Titanic" Ryan Foose

Pure genius. Twenty bucks says more than one member of Pink Hat Nation will have this framed on their work desk by Friday morning. Youk! This is where we first met!

FIRST PLACE — "Tubing" Chris Susi

No, we didn't include Jonathan Papelbon(notes) or Loch Ness Manny in our original picture. But we're sure glad that Chris thought to include them. And, hey, why aren't Paps or Youks wearing life vests? You'd think a team that starts a season 2-8 would learn a thing or two about forgetting a safety net.

Note: Hang tight, winners. We'll be sending you an email putting you in touch with Chris and you'll be able to select the print you're interested in.

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