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Windsor puts fear in Colts’ cheerleaders

Tempers flared on the ice between the Barrie Colts and Windsor Spitfires in the OHL championship series on Sunday. First there was fallout from “Rychel-gate” in which the Barrie Colts nabbed Windsor GM Warren Rychel’s son, Kerby, in the first round of the OHL draft last Saturday. Then, there were the third-period shenanigans on the ice when Barrie’s Darren Archibald ran Windsor goalie Philipp Grubauer, leading to three players being suspended indefinitely by OHL czar David Branch.

What better way for Windsor fans to take out their anger and frustration with Barrie than by disrespecting the Colts cheerleaders?

The Colts cheerleaders allege that they were insulted, threatened and even taunted during a recent visit to Windsor’s WFCU Centre for Game 3 of the series on Sunday afternoon.

“When Barrie started losing, we started getting towels thrown at us and like, water bottles and stuff, and just, people being really rude and disrespectful,” the coach of the Barrie Colts Dance Crew, Denise Adamson, like, told the Windsor Star.

Police in Windsor investigated the claim and found it be more like a bad episode of The O.C. than actual criminal activity.

After speaking with the officer who worked the game, Sgt. Brett Corey called the incident a “non-issue” and added, “it was typical teenage drama.”

Apparently Sgt. Corey has never watched Serena slink around on Gossip Girl, because then he offered this gem:
“I understand supporting the team, in Barrie, but if you dress yourself up in a pair of Daisy Duke shorts and parade yourself in front of 6,700 Windsor Spitfires fans, what do you expect?” the officer told the Barrie Examiner.

OMG. You. Did. Not. Just. Say. That.

These young teenage women are just trying to support young teenage hockey players, by cheering and dancing for them. Just ask their moms.

“They called them all sorts of trashy names, including ‘You’re all a bunch of whores and tramps’. You’re cheering for somebody, you shouldn’t be afraid,” cheer-mom Renee Kirk told the Examiner.

“The City of Windsor should hang their heads in shame.”

Yes, shame on you Windsor. And shame on you, Windsor Spitfires, for deciding to trash your own cheerleading squad after public outcry deemed it sexist and plain stupid in junior hockey. But the good news is, the Colts cheerleaders are a resilient bunch, who won’t be intimidated from shaking their pompoms wherever they please.

“We’re going there to support the boys—they need us now more than ever,” says Adamson. “We’re not scared anymore. At the time, it was very emotional and very scary.”

The Colts have other problems, like needing a win Tuesday night to keep their season alive.

Sunaya Sapurji is the Jr. Hockey Editor at Yahoo Sports! She can be reached at

Updated Tuesday, May 4, 2010