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Will Dylan McIlrath's act play on Broadway? It sure plays well in Moose Jaw. McIlrath, the New York Rangers first-round pick who plays for the Moose Jaw Warriors, took out his wrath on Jordan Peddle at the end of the Moose Jaw-Swift Current game as payback for the Broncos forward plowing Warriors goalie Thomas Heemskerk. McIlrath likely has a suspension coming for getting an instigator penalty inside of the five-minute mark of the third period, but his Warriors are not going to stand for someone running their goalie.

You just suspected the Warriors and Broncos were going to cram a few fireworks into the Crushed Can (AKA the Moose Jaw Civic Centre) before Moose Jaw leaves its oddly-shaped old barn for a new arena next season. Meantime, the fisticuffs overshadowed the fact that the Warriors clinched a playoff spot in the WHL's Eastern Conference and forward Sebastien Svendsen sniped a pretty sweet goal.

McIlrath presumably is under orders not to take himself out of the game by fighting, but against Swift Current, all bets (and gloves) were off. The Winnipegger also fought Swift Current's Andy Blanke early in the game.

(Stick tap: The Prospect Park.)

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