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Most elaborate shootout moves end with the puck, in hockey parlance, flipping over on the shooter and skittering away while the crowd groans. It might be a bit far afield for BTN, but the shootout winner the Muskegon Lumberjacks' Travis Walsh scored Saturday in a USHL game must be acknowledged.

Especially when you realize Walsh, 17, is a defenceman, and it was totally seat-of-the-pants. His explanation, via Jacks play-by-play man Christopher Heimerman:

"I didn't have the move planned, but for some reason I got an urge to do it ... I came up with it five years ago when I was messing around with pucks on an outdoor rink. I didn't really think I was going to do it until right before I did it. It ended up working out well."

By the way, if outdoor rinks help foster such creativity, maybe that (tongue in cheek) should give us an urge to go green.

Walsh, who is eligible for the 2011 NHL draft, is planning on going green himself. That is to say he is committed to Michigan State, the team his maternal grandfather Ron Mason and late father Shawn Walsh (who won NCAA titles at Maine in the 1990s) resurrected in the 1980s.

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