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There is some renewed speculation about whether No. 2 overall pick Tyler Seguin's cap hit will be manageable for the Boston Bruins, something that's popped up from time to time over the past five weeks.

The Hockey News' John Grigg noted Wednesday that in a NHL in which "bonuses must be accounted for under a team's cap [and can] keep players off the rosters of capped-out teams," the Bruins face some manoeuvring to get Seguin on the team for the entire season. Speaking tongue-in-cheek, it's either that or Boston gets help from an arbitrator's ruling, but enough about Marc Savard.

Here’s a perfect example of a kid who may have to wait a year to play no matter how he performs in camp. Boston is over the cap by $3.1 million and Seguin will count for $3.5 million. So unless the B’s can make some moves or are willing to eat someone's contract in the AHL, the No. 2 pick from this summer’s draft will be back in the OHL."

Veteran forward Marco Sturm being out for the first two months is only going to buy Boston a limited amount of cap space.

It's really a question of whether the Bruins can justify making Seguin a full-time NHLer at 18 if it means burying Michael Ryder (random example) in Providence. Is Seguin going to put another $3.5 million US (Ryder's cap hit) of revenue in the Bruins' coffers as an 18-year-old? It might be a tough sell with the bean-counters.

As previously noted, Seguin returning to the Plymouth Whalers would stir up some talk about a trade to a contender.

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