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Buzzing The Net correspondant Nathan White sat down for a one-on-one interview with Moncton Wildcats forward Kirill Kabanov upon his return to the QMJHL from New York Islanders training camp. 

How was your time at New York Islanders training camp?

"I was really excited to go to NHL camp. I stayed there for the whole summer. First was the prospects camp, then was rookie camp, then the main camp. It was unbelievable, I was so happy to be a part of an NHL team. Long Island is beautiful, the people are nice and the organization seems like one of the best ever. ... It was unbelievable to be part of the team for a couple months. The guys on the team, the old guys are really nice to the rookies, the players are nice, it was really good. I'm so happy that I was drafted there."

What's the biggest thing you learned from that experience? Anything you need to work on?

"I'm supposed to become like more (mature), and to grow up a little bit to be part of an NHL team. I'm supposed to organize all my things and probably work on my game a little bit, backchecking and defensive play, that's what I'm supposed to learn."

So what happened? We heard you got in a little trouble for being late?

"No comment."

You don't want to talk about that?


OK, so are you expecting to be back (in the lineup) next weekend for Moncton (against the Saint John Sea Dogs Friday)?

"Yeah, I'm going to play the next game against Saint John. I'm really excited about that too, to be back to junior and my own team, it's really nice. I'm really happy about that."

Last year, you had the injury, and you had different things that happened off the ice. Are you looking at this year as a chance to have a really solid year and put that behind you?

"Yeah, it's already behind me. It was in the past, you can't change your past whenever you want to. Yeah it happened, but I'm looking just to this season, to improve myself, to work hard. I worked hard all summer, I gained like 14 pounds and I'm just looking forward. What happened, you can't change, right?"

Yeah, for sure.

"Sometimes you make mistakes in your life. Sometimes you think about them but usually they just stay behind (you). What happened in the past doesn't have a place in the future, like right now. If you would break up with your girlfriend, you probably start thinking about your next life. I broke up with my girlfriend, I'm thinking about the future, I don't think about her anymore. That's the same, it's a part from my last life, from my past life, so it stays behind (me). Girlfriend, hockey, you're just supposed to look to the future, see what you can do to change bad opinions of the other guys thinking about you. ... First of all, I just want to show myself that I'm a good person."

Writer Nathan White is a QMJHL correspondent for Buzzing the Net. You can reach him at or on Twitter @nbwhite

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