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It started with a penalty in the first minute, a goal in the second and just snowballed for the Owen Sound Attack. Now the question looking ahead to Game 3 of the OHL final is whether this is setting up to be a Mississauga sweep.

Perhaps it should not surprised anyone, given Owen Sound faced an OHL-high 390 penalty kills during the regular season. Mississauga succeeded in bringing out that Mr. Hyde side in the Attack, taking a 2-0 series lead. It affirmed, just as it has all season, that playing Mississauga is like a losing night at a casino — it's like time and money just takes wings and then one loses their composure, playing right into the house's hands.

As Jess Rubenstein put it:

Owen Sound looked like they had shown that they could play with the Majors in Game 1 and when the game is at even strength but there lies why Owen Sound just might be swept. You just can not give the Majors eight power plays or take 19 total penalties as Owen Sound did.

Owen Sound was looking good scoring on two of their first three shots but shot number three came at 9:45 of the first period. But that was all they could manage as they were stopped on their remaining 24 shots.

The one thing that nobody really talks about is how the Majors can get you to play an undisciplined game but they really do. When it comes to playing mind games the Majors are the best.

Rarely if ever do you see the Majors lose their composure but it seems that every team they have faced has. People will talk about the 11-game winning streak that the Kootenay Ice are on but the Majors are now 14-1 during the playoffs. (The Prospect Park)

The officiating in Game 2 was, uh, heavy-handed by times (Mississauga two-goal scorer Jordan Mayer noted: "It was tough with the reffing but you just have to be smart and keep your stick on the ice and you don't want to be fishing for pucks or put your stick in their feet.") One team played through it and the other did not, leaving Owen Sound with the task of needing to win out on home ice and now win twice at the Hershey Centre.

Owen Sound came out a little too hyper to start this game and immediately ran into penalty troubles.

"Whatever happened to kind of letting the players dictating the game and letting the game unfold a little bit," said [Attack coach Mark] Reeds, who noted that the Majors crashed into Attack goalie Scott Stajcer five times in the opening few minutes of the game without being penalized.

"Let the flow of the game happen before you're looking to create an outcome. We didn't have enough personal discipline and it cost us." (Owen Sound Sun Times)

Now it's a tight turnaround for Game 3 on Friday. Like the person who's down a large sum of cash, Owen Sound is a little desperate, which is new for them.

Neate Sager is a writer for Yahoo! Canada Sports . Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @neatebuzzthenet (photo: OHL Images).

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