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Pre-Game Meal Ideas for High School Teams

Before you head to your game you need to fuel your body and food is your fuel! Carbohydrates will be your best friend to get you through the game because they provide you with the energy needed to compete. You also need proteins and fats to complement the carbohydrates. Here are some meal ideas that will get you through the most grueling and competitive games so you can always play at peak performance.

When to Eat Your Pre-Game Meal

When to eat is just as important as what you eat. Slamming two grilled chicken sandwiches, two cups of yogurt and a cup of green beans an hour before you take the court of field is counterproductive. A meal high in carbohydrates about two to four hours before your game is ideal. Then, an hour before the game, eat a small snack of something like a banana.

Simple and Basic Meals

If you are looking for relatively simple meals that require very little preparation, there are quite a few that will work. First, hot or cold cereal is a really good choice. Add in some fruit and some low-fat milk to round out the meal. Second, make an English muffin or a bagel and put some peanut butter and jelly on it. Add to this some 100 percent fruit juice and a banana. Finally, pancakes or French toast with light maple syrup is a good choice. Add some fruit top and grab a glass of milk.

More Involved Meals

Grilled chicken sandwiches are always a good choice; be careful with high-fat condiments, and use a wheat or whole grain bun instead of a white bread bun. Add to this a baked potato with a little low-fat sour cream.

Pasta is always good for carbohydrates. Just make sure to use a tomato-based sauce that is low in fat, and go easy on the cheese. Add some chicken to the pasta for protein. Go ahead and eat a breadstick too, but be sure to include steamed vegetables, fruit and low-fat milk.

Just about any type of chicken, fish, turkey or lean beef can be grilled and are good choices. Add a dinner roll, 100 percent fruit juice, steamed veggies and rice and frozen yogurt for dessert.


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Updated Friday, Nov 4, 2011