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Sometimes, no words are necessary:

OK, maybe a few words are necessary. That's Stewart Cink, the reigning British Open champion, lying there with a golf ball teed up on his crotch. So there you go.

What, you want more? What more do you need? Fine. Cink was hosting a charity event for The Healing Place last week, and a trick-shot artist had Cink strap, er, don a specially outfitted girdle-jock thing with a tee embedded. (Oh please Lord let that be a tee.)

Anyway, while Cink was lying there, Zach Johnson stepped up and snapped this photo and posted it on Twitter. Thanks, Zach! Hope to heaven that trick-shot guy didn't take a divot. 

A keep-your-eyes-up-here visor tip to Waggle Room.

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Devil Ball Golf

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