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People Magazine, citing two different sources, is reporting that Elin Woods is readying a separation from Tiger Woods, following weeks of revelations, including Tiger's own admission, of extramarital activity.

The magazine quotes two unnamed sources on the issue. "She plans to leave Tiger," said one. Another is even more direct: "She's made up her mind. There's nothing to think about: he's never going to change." The article will appear in the issue hitting newsstands Friday.

Elin Woods has been repeatedly photographed in recent days without her wedding ring. Several sources have indicated that Elin Woods has been renegotiating the terms of her prenuptial agreement with Tiger Woods. And the New York Post has reported that moving vans have begun taking items out of the Woods household. (The tabloids have almost certainly descended on that moving company; it would be a lot easier to pry details out of an hourly wage mover than a superstar-in-hiding.)

Here, of course, is the point at which we must advise you to take any report from "unnamed sources" with a shakerful of salt. Really, at this point, it's tough to trust anyone outside of Tiger or Elin Woods themselves making a speech themselves, and there's no sign that will happen anytime soon, at least not from Tiger.

Still, if you were going to go with an unnamed-source report, this one is a relatively safe one to trust. While the tabloids have been speculating almost since Day 1 A.H. (After Hydrant), People is a far more reputable source. Gossipy and showbiz-oriented, yes, but it's also owned by Time Inc., which counts in its stable a lot of magazines you wouldn't be ashamed to be caught reading -- Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Golf Magazine and the like. So there's a fair amount of incentive to be accurate and not just speculating wildly.

If you're enjoying the gossip side of the Tiger story, it's about to get a lot more interesting. And if you're not, well ... there's a rerun of a holiday special on somewhere.


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