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Henry Burris isn't having the best week. After only throwing 11 completions on 26 attempts for 136 yards and two interceptions in Calgary's 29-10 home loss to B.C. Saturday, Burris can't be feeling great about the state of his game. Although Burris' starting job is probably safe for the moment, he's going to be looking over his shoulder; he was replaced late on by backup Drew Tate, who looked reasonably good in limited action (8 for 13 for 88 yards and a touchdown). Now, to add insult to injury, pictures of him wearing a bra and standing next to a scantily-clad woman have leaked out onto the web and are being discussed by Saskatchewan fans.

Being photographed in women's undergarments doesn't exactly demonstrate a quarterback's decision-making abilities, but according to Burris, the pictures with a woman other than his wife are more innocent than they look. He spoke to Ian Busby of The Calgary Sun about the issue, and said they were taken as part of a prank his friends played on him on his birthday earlier this summer:

"Despite the online uproar and fan websites lit up with chatter about the images, Burris said the pics are innocent, his wife knows about them, and they are no big deal.

‘It was a birthday prank my friends ran on me,' said Burris, of his big day back on June 4. ‘Now, all of a sudden, I see ones with Gainer (the Roughriders mascot) and Nik Lewis is in one. It was a harmless birthday prank.'

‘They blindfolded me and threw a bra on me. Then I took it off and surprise. Next thing I knew, it was that.'"

I'm not sure if that's something I'd plan as birthday entertainment for a friend, but different strokes for different folks. Maybe that's just how Temple football players roll. It is pretty funny to see a non-Lingerie Football League quarterback dressed like one, though, and it's understandable why these pictures have spread far and wide.

Still, in the grand scheme of athlete indiscretions, this is a pretty minor slip-up by Burris. It's probably less embarrassing than Mike Commodore's "rolling-in-the-dough" photo, it's certainly less embarrassing than Chris Cooley's accidental exposure, and it's an example of better decision-making than Mike Singletary's motivational ploy of dropping his pants. When you consider all the horrible things football players can do off the field, such as driving drunk, running dogfighting rings or being linked to shootings, these pictures look quite mild by comparison.

Besides all that, Burris may not quite have the upper body to fill that bra out, but his abs look pretty impressive. Don't underestimate what that might do for him if this whole quarterbacking thing doesn't pan out; abdominal muscles and a complete lack of any other talent have led to a pretty good career for Michael Sorrentino, after all. Burris doesn't look particularly smart as a result of these pictures coming out, but the situation could be a lot worse.

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55 Yard Line

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