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The Grey Cup's halftime show was reasonably divisive this year. As you can tell from our live blog, some (including myself) thought Randy Bachman and Fred Turner put on one heck of a show, while others weren't blown away and wanted a younger act. It's always tough calculating what will appeal to the average man for this kind of a show, as an audience of 6.04 million probably doesn't have universal music tastes. Still, can we come together on one front? If you thought the halftime show was the most spectacular thing Bachman and Turner were involved in during Grey Cup week, you ain't seen nothing yet. Check out this video just for you, which appears to be from their rehearsal at Commonwealth Stadium.

Hey, you! How about you quit playing Broomstick Hero and get back to clearing the snow? That's no way to take care of business. Even blue-collar types deserve a break, but prancing around on snow is a good way to take a sledgehammer blow, even if you are a slave to the rhythm. That's not an easy groove, either. Oh, well, at least you took it like a man. Thank you for the feeling.

If you missed the show itself, you can check it out for yourself here: there's no need to give us your money, please, as we're giving it all away. If you've been travelling, welcome home. Pull up a chair, crank up the speakers, and just let it ride. If you're going to copy Broomstick Hero above, though, first make sure you're not fragile.

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55 Yard Line

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