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  • Roman Reigns was suspended for 30 days violating the WWE's talent wellness policy. Roman Reigns was suspended for 30 days violating the WWE's talent wellness policy. World Wrestling Entertainment suspended wrestler Roman Reigns for 30 days effective immediately after violating the company’s talent wellness policy.

    Real name Joe Anoa`i, Reigns lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday night at the “Money in the Bank” pay-per-view to Seth Rollins, likely as a result of the pending failed drug test.

    Reigns’ last appearance was in the main event of “Monday Night Raw.” His 30-day suspension would end before the WWE’s next pay-per-view, “Battleground,” on July 24.

    Reigns is scheduled to compete in the main event of that show against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

    Since the WWE started making all wellness policy violations public in 2007, Reigns is one of the biggest names to make the list, joining the likes of Randy Orton and former WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio.

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  • Muhammad Ali's funeral: Live stream, reactions, memorable moments

    Muhammad Ali was a man who contained multitudes: champion fighter, political firebrand, civil rights icon, polarizing protestor, worldwide inspiration. This week, the city of Louisville celebrates the life of its hometown son, who died last Friday, culminating with a procession and funeral on Friday afternoon.

    In addition to a livestream of the events, Yahoo Sports will be following the proceedings as they unfold, highlighting worldwide reaction and notable moments.

  • "I'm no good," the 21-year-old man shouted, leaning out over a ledge nine floors above Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. “I'm going to jump!"

    No one in the crowd below knew his name on that day, Jan. 17, 1981. We still don’t know his name now. But that didn’t stop some in the crowd from shouting for him to jump, to give everyone the show they wanted.

    He'd been up there for hours, shouting that the Viet Cong were coming for him, resisting all police efforts to bring him down.

    And then, in what must have seemed like a dream to the man on the ledge, Muhammad Ali appeared at a nearby window.

    "It's really you!" the man said in disbelief.

    The most famous man on the planet, Ali knew a little something about venturing out on ledges. Knew what it was like to have the Vietnam War twist you up inside, even if this particular man was too young to have served. Knew what it was like to have hostile crowds screaming for your blood.

    He'd been nearby on business, and when his manager told him of the

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  • Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna, was found dead Wednesday at the age of 46.

    There would be no renaissance within the women’s wrestling ranks if it weren’t for Chyna and her contributions to the business during her stint in World Wrestling Entertainment between 1997-2001.

    The wrestling community has reacted online to her death:


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  • Former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Joanie Laurer, better known by her in-ring name of Chyna, was found dead at her Redondo Beach, Calif., home Wednesday afternoon at the age of 46, according to her manager. No cause of death has been announced.

    Known for her bodybuilder physique, Chyna made her WWE debut in 1997 and joined Shawn Michaels and then boyfriend Triple H in the group, “D-Generation X.” Chyna wasn’t just eye candy for Michaels and Triple H — she was a bodyguard, an on-air role up until that point was primary reserved for men.

    Chyna eventually made the transition from bodyguard to wrestler and became the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble in January 1999. She made more history as the first and only female WWE Intercontinental champion, defeating Jeff Jarrett for the title in October 1999. During the height of

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  • The Boston Marathon. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)The Boston Marathon. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)On a day dominanted by memories of three years ago and characterized by a lack of major names in the field, the 2016 Boston Marathon became the province of Ethiopia's finest runners.

    The men's race featured a long duel between defending champion Lelisa Desisa and Lemi Berhanu Hayle, both of Ethiopia. The duo ran together for many miles until Hayle put on a late charge to absolutely dust Desisa. Hayle finished in a time of 2:12:44, a minute ahead of Desisa.

    On the women's side, Atsede Baysa used some canny strategy, laying off the early pace and then employing a late burst of speed, to eliminate every other competitor en route to a victory time of 2:29:18. Bayse was 37 seconds off the lead at mile 22 when she began her kick. Her last competitor, vanquished several miles before, was her countrywoman, Tirfi Tsegaye, who finished in a time of 2:30:02.

    This marked the first Boston Marathon for both Hayle and Baysa. The women's defending champion, Caroline Rotich, dropped out of the race at

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  • ARLINGTON, Texas — WrestleMania 32 was a long show.

    Nearly seven hours of wrestling took place at AT&T Stadium, and even though the show dragged at different points throughout the evening, there were several bright spots on Sunday night.

    Here’s our look at the top five moments from WrestleMania 32, and no, Roman Reigns winning the WWE championship did not make the list.

    No. 5: The New Day pops out a giant box of “Booty-O’s” cereal

    The New Day teased a big entrance for WrestleMania 32 and they delivered, appearing from has to be the biggest cereal box in WWE history. If that wasn’t cool enough for you, the trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods wore Dragon Ball Z saiyan armor outfits.

    No. 4: Shaquille O’Neal enters the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    This wasn’t Shaq’s first rodeo in the world of professional wrestling. The retired NBA center made his first appearance way back at the 1994 WCW Bash at the Beach pay-per-view alongside Hulk Hogan (little did Shaq know about

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  • ARLINGTON, Texas — World Wrestling Entertainment announced a crowd of 101,763 fans at AT&T Stadium on Sunday night, setting a new WrestleMania attendance record.

    The previous record was 93,173 fans at the Pontiac Silverdome for WrestleMania III on March 29, 1987, headlined by Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

    The WWE also announced that WrestleMania 32 was the highest-grossing live event in company history, taking in $17.3 million. The previous record was $12.6 million, set at WrestleMania 31 last year at Levi’s Stadium.

    “On behalf of the Dallas Cowboys organization, we congratulate the WWE on their historic achievement,” said Dallas Cowboys chief brand officer Charlotte Jones Anderson in a statement. “WrestleMania was an incredible spectacle like none other, and we look forward to hosting it again at AT&T Stadium.”

    “We are thrilled that we made history tonight at WrestleMania, further cementing its place as one of the top sports and entertainment events in the world,” said WWE chief

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  • Live chat: WWE's WrestleMania 32 from AT&T Stadium

    DALLAS — Yahoo Sports is live in Texas for WrestleMania 32 from AT&T Stadium. Chat with us all night long and let us know who you have in the main event between Roman Reigns and Triple H.

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  • Heyman Hustle on Yahoo Sports: Welcome to WrestleMania Sunday

    The “Heyman Hustle” and Yahoo Sports have partnered up to provide wrestling fans with exclusive content during WrestleMania week on The Turnstile blog. In his final blog post, Paul Heyman explains why you need to watch Brock Lesnar compete in the greatest spectacle in sports, WrestleMania 32.

    If you're a sports entertainment fan, and in some ways even if you aren't, today is "thee" day.

    It's the day the entire WWE calendar revolves around. It's the day WWE superstars spend the other 364 days of the year (365 on a Leap Year) working towards.

    Brock Lesnar wrestles Dean Ambrose on Sunday at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. Brock Lesnar wrestles Dean Ambrose on Sunday at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. It's the day where legends, Hall of Famers, modern day main eventers and the hottest up-and-coming sensations all converge in one stadium, cognizant of the overall theme, yet desirous of that one defining "moment" that will steal the show and be replayed in videos for years to come.

    This is the day where the past meets the future, and they both try to harmonize with the present to create the greatest spectacle in sports, entertainment or sports

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  • DALLAS — New World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer Sting officially announced his retirement from professional wrestling Saturday night during his induction speech at the American Airlines Center.

    Sting at WrestleMania 31. (AP Images for WWE)Sting at WrestleMania 31. (AP Images for WWE)Real name Steve Borden, Sting suffered a serious neck injury during his final match against Seth Rollins last September at the “Night of Champions” pay-per-view.

    "On this very night, at this very moment, I'm going to finish my wrestling career under the WWE umbrella and I am so proud of that,” said Sting. "I am officially going to retire tonight."

    The 57-year-old veteran wrestler spent a majority of his prime years in the ring working for the now extinct World Championship Wrestling. Sting traded his blonde flattop and colorful face paint in 1996 when he donned a darker look and wielded a baseball bat. He would go on to wrestle in WCW until the doors closed in 2001 when WWE acquired the failing company.

    While some of his WCW colleagues made the jump to the WWE, Sting would not. He would

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  • Heyman Hustle on Yahoo Sports: Why Dean Ambrose will be a bigger star after WrestleMania 32

    Heyman Hustle on Yahoo SportsHeyman Hustle on Yahoo Sports

    The “Heyman Hustle” and Yahoo Sports have partnered up to provide wrestling fans with exclusive content during WrestleMania week on The Turnstile blog. In his fifth blog post, Paul Heyman talks about how Dean Ambrose will be a bigger star after facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and although I am primarily known as an #ADVOCATE, I have added to my list of responsibilities this weekend and will now serve as your official weatherman for WrestleMania 32. Therefore, it is my duty to inform you that an F5 is about to touch down at AT&T Stadium tomorrow, But have no fear, your families are safe. This F5 is scheduled to cause damage primarily to one person. And that person's name is Dean Ambrose.

    Dean Ambrose will challenge Brock Lesnar on Sunday at WrestleMania 32. Dean Ambrose will challenge Brock Lesnar on Sunday at WrestleMania 32. The marketing of the No Holds Barred Street Fight pitting Ambrose against my client (let's all say his name together, shall we?) BROCK LESNAR is quite interesting. The theory is that by making the match a No Holds Barred Street Fight, Ambrose has a

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  • WrestleMania 32 picks and predictions

    WrestleMania 32 InfographicWrestleMania 32 Infographic

    We once again rounded up the snarky wrestling fans at Yahoo and asked them for their predictions for WrestleMania 32. Leave your picks in the comments section.

    Roman Reigns vs. Triple H

    Andreas: Roman Reigns

    Reigns using the traditional entrance versus the walk through the crowd could be a red herring for a heel turn. It’s the only way to make sense of this Roman Reigns IV that has been forcefully injected into the WWE universe and is constantly rejected. I honestly don’t get how the WWE could allow their biggest show to end with its force-fed babyface being booed by 100K fans … unless he’s a heel. Either way, I don’t’ see any scenario where Triple H retains.

    Triple H vs. Roman ReignsTriple H vs. Roman ReignsAnthony: Roman Reigns

    Reigns has been pummeling Triple H in the weeks leading into WrestleMania and I suspect that is being used as an attempt to get the fans behind him before his big win in Dallas. WWE has been trying for more than a year now to get the belt on Reigns; it’ll happen Sunday. Also expect The Rock to play a role in

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  • There’s only one Brock Lesnar.

    Since hitting the national scene in 2000 after capturing the NCAA Division I wrestling heavyweight championship at the University of Minnesota, Lesnar’s athletic prowess has been his calling card.

    It led to Lesnar signing a contract with the WWE fresh out of college, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion at age 25 and eventually becoming a crossover sensation after winning the UFC heavyweight championship.

    We take a look at Lesnar’s career path and how “The Beast” made his way to stardom.


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  • DALLAS — You might know Paul Heyman, the advocate.

    The sharp-witted, charismatic master of the microphone and mouthpiece for “The Beast” Brock Lesnar of the WWE.

    Paul HeymanPaul HeymanBut do you know Paul Heyman’s advocates?

    The people behind the scenes who travel the world with Heyman and assist with his day-to-day business in not only the WWE, but also his Looking 4 Larry marketing agency.

    Heyman and his eclectic crew are all locked-in as the biggest show on the WWE calendar is right around the corner in WrestleMania 32 from AT&T Stadium.

    Each employee has a unique story on how they ended up working for Heyman.

    The one thing they all have in common?

    A genuine respect for the mastermind behind the “Heyman Hustle.”

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  • Heyman Hustle on Yahoo Sports: Madusa was the Ronda Rousey of her day

    Heyman Hustle on Yahoo SportsHeyman Hustle on Yahoo Sports

    The “Heyman Hustle” and Yahoo Sports have partnered up to provide wrestling fans with exclusive content during WrestleMania week on The Turnstile blog. In his fourth blog post, Paul Heyman talks about his dear friend and WWE Hall of Famer, Madusa.

    One of the people I am most looking forward to seeing this WrestleMania week is the former Director of Covert Operations for The Dangerous Alliance, Madusa. The Fifty-and-Fabulous Fighting Femme Fatale is one of my favorite people in the world, and it's because she has scratched and clawed and struggled for every single solitary thing she has in life.

    Paul Heyman with Madusa and Rick Rude.Paul Heyman with Madusa and Rick Rude.When Madusa broke into the sports entertainment world (around the very same time I did), she burst upon the scene in Verne Gagne's Minneapolis-based AWA. Madusa was brought in to replace "Sensational" Sherri Martel, who was as well-liked behind the scenes as she was hated by the audience who bought into her villainous persona. The Gagnes never made it a secret that Madusa was there to replace

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  • Matt Riddle is the only fighter fired from the UFC on a four-fight win streak.

    Matt RiddleMatt RiddleIt’s true. It says so in his Twitter bio, right next to the graphic that displays his 425,000 Twitter followers.

    The four-fight win streak part isn’t entirely accurate, though. Two of those wins were eventually made no contests after Riddle tested positive for marijuana — the second of which resulted in his unceremonious firing from the only place he’d ever fought.

    “I remember it vividly,” Riddle recalled to Yahoo Sports. “Michael Mersch [former UFC executive] called me and said, ‘Matt, I have some bad news. You failed your drug test. And we’re exercising our right to terminate your contract.’ ”

    Thanks to his time in the UFC, those failed marijuana tests, and a firm wrestling background as a high school champion from Saratoga, N.Y., Matt Riddle is now taking the business of pro wrestling by storm.

    “To me, it feels perfect,” Riddle said. “I feel like I started with wrestling, and a love of pro wrestling, that

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  • Heyman Hustle on Yahoo Sports: Why Andy Kaufman would have loved WrestleMania

    Heyman Hustle on Yahoo SportsHeyman Hustle on Yahoo Sports

    The “Heyman Hustle” and Yahoo Sports have partnered up to provide wrestling fans with exclusive content during WrestleMania week on The Turnstile blog. In his third blog post, Paul Heyman talks about the time he interviewed the late Andy Kaufman at age 16 and why he would have loved WrestleMania.

    The late Andy Kaufman would have loved the spectacle of WrestleMania. It's ironic to think that Vincent James McMahon (long-time owner of WWE's parent company and father of chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon) did not want to hire Kaufman as a "manager" because of Kaufman being a mainstream performer. Vincent KENNEDY McMahon would salivate at the opportunity for the crossover, and Kaufman would not doubt be involved in one of the featured matches at WrestleMania as a result of the publicity he could bring to the product.

    Paul Heyman interviewing Andy Kaufman at age 16. Paul Heyman interviewing Andy Kaufman at age 16. When I was a teenager, I was a photographer, and lucked into the situation of being paid $50 every WWE show at Madison Square Garden by Vincent James McMahon. One of the

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  • In 2012, Quinn Ojinnaka had a solid NFL career and a healthy bank account that allowed him the freedom to do whatever he wanted. While that may be something that most people only dream of, the man affectionately nicknamed “Moose” simply wasn’t happy. So he decided to trade in the shoulder pads for a pair of spandex and live out his childhood fantasy of becoming a professional wrestler.

    Quinn Ojinnaka goes by the name Moose in Ring of Honor. Quinn Ojinnaka goes by the name Moose in Ring of Honor. It all sounded like a dream come true, but in reality, when he told his wife about his plans, she responded with divorce papers.

    “The first person I told that I was retiring from the NFL to become a pro wrestler was my ex-wife and her reaction was that she hated it and that I was being selfish for retiring at a young age,” says Ojinnaka as he walks through the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on a warm February afternoon. “One of the biggest reasons why we split up was because I was leaving all this money on the table for something that was just a maybe.”

    His dream is no longer a “maybe”

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  • Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado wasn’t like other girls growing up. Unlike most 10-year-old girls, Mercedes knew exactly where she belonged at a young age. And that place would be inside of a squared circle as a professional wrestler. Despite growing up during an era where women’s wrestling was more about sexuality than wrestling ability, Kaestner-Varnado dedicated herself to the craft. Fast forward to a dozen years later and Kaestner-Varnado, now known as Sasha Banks, has seem her dream become a reality as one of the best performers on the WWE roster, male or female.

    Sasha BanksSasha BanksIn the six years she’s been training, the 24-year-old has won the NXT Women’s Championship, put on matches that fans have raved about and, in a few days, will be wrestling in her first WrestleMania in a triple-threat match for the WWE Divas Championship against Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Before she walks down the ramp at AT&T Stadium, Yahoo Sports caught up with “The Boss” to discuss breaking down barriers, realizing her dream,

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