The future takes over the courts at the U.S. Open's Arthur Ashe Kids' Day

NEW YORK – There was plenty of entertainment inside Arthur Ashe Stadium, with national television exposure on CBS.

But the real and best story of Arthur Ashe Kids' Day, the traditional Saturday celebration that kicks off the U.S. Open, is on all the outside courts.

Even the players who take part don't even seem to mind that practice courts are at a premium that day – and that's saying something.

There were hundreds of future little Rafael Nadals and Rogers Federers of all shapes, sizes and colors walking around the grounds, as Nike handed out what looked to be half a warehouse full of bandanas. They all had rackets in their hands, and smiles on their faces. There's no better mass promotion for the sport of tennis than something like that.

One little future Rafa made it his mission to scavenge as many lost tennis balls as he could.

This little Rafael Nadal mini-me left no bush unsearched.


As you can see, he made out pretty well.

The little Rafael Nadal mini-me was on a mission to find as many used tennis balls as he could.