Don’t worry, Rafael Nadal got his $370,000 watch back

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Rafael Nadal's $370,000 watch was recovered from a Parisian grassy knoll on Wednesday, closing one of the nation's least sensational crime stories of the 21st century.

The watch went missing on Monday, hours after Nadal won his seventh French Open title. Police investigators located it 36 hours later after arresting an employee at the Paris hotel Nadal was staying in. They say the man stole the watch and hid it near the Metro station at Evry.

The employee was placed under arrest for the crime. Huh. This whole time I was under the impression that anything French men do in hotel rooms was legal.

Le Parisien has the details:

Le suspect a été trahi par son badge magnétique qui lui a permis d'entrer, sans effraction, dans la chambre du joueur. Placé en garde à vue, l'employé indélicat, âgé de 38 ans est rapidement passé aux aveux avant de conduire les policiers sur les lieux où il avait caché cette précieuse montre, situé à proximité de son domicile.

Oh, probably should have translated that:

The suspect was betrayed by his magnetic badge that allowed him to enter without breaking, the player in the room. Placed in custody, the unscrupulous employee, 38 year old is quickly confessed before leading police to the scene where he had hidden the precious watch, located near his home.

This is the second time Rafa's Richard Mille watching has gone missing and I think I've figured out the problem: Nadal is too trusting. I don't like leaving my iPad charger in a hotel room, let alone a piece of jewelry that costs more than most houses. Hasn't he heard of the hotel safe? What, Rafa thinks that because he threw in a line of French during his victory celebration that Paris' most shady hotel employees won't get sticky fingers?

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