Peru U-20 keeper makes tremendous goal-line double save

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

We're only a week and a half into 2013, but Peru U-20 goalkeeper Angelo Campos made what will be two of the best saves of the year within seconds of each other to help salvage a result against Uruguay in the South America U-20 Championship. With Uruguay up 3-2 in the 84th minute of the game, Campos came way off his line to try and clear a long ball before Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Bueno could reach it for a scoring opportunity. Campos was beat to the ball though, and as his defender battled with the Uruguayan for the ball, he had to sprint back to his goal.

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Bueno got a weak shot off from outside the box in an effort to take advantage of the empty net, but Campos sprinted faster than the ball could roll and made the diving save just before it reached the line. Keeping his wits about him, Campos then managed to climb out of the net and make a sliding foot save as the Uruguayan was about to take a second chance from point-blank range. The ball then went out to finally give Campos a breather and such an amazing effort to make up for initially getting beat.

Campos' saves proved important too, as Peru went on to score an equalizer in the final minutes for a 3-3 draw.

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