Dirty Tackle

Cristiano Ronaldo tries to sing, beatbox to launch his new clothing line

Nike launched Cristiano Ronaldo's new clothing line, which preaches an uncommon and sensible approach to competition with its title of "love to win, hate to lose." To promote his latest contributions to the world of football fashion, Cristiano and his Real Madrid teammate/angriest friend Pepe did a bit of modeling in a music studio.

About a minute into the video above, Cristiano makes use of the environment by doing a bit of rapping/singing and then beatboxing just enough to prove why he pursued football instead of music (OK, so the beatboxing wasn't that bad).

Here are some samples from the photoshoot...

Cristiano laughs at the idea that holding a guitar could help him with the ladies. (Nike)

Cristiano catches himself admitting that Messi should win the Ballon d'Or again. (Nike)

Cristiano models a T-shirt in a children's small. (Nike)

Pepe smiles, comfortable in the knowledge that he could stomp on Cristiano's hand at any moment. (Nike)

The full Cristiano Ronaldo signature collection lookbook can be seen here.

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