Anton Ferdinand refuses handshakes with John Terry and Ashley Cole, football ensues

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Anton Ferdinand said he wouldn't shake hands with John Terry or Ashley Cole before QPR's match against Chelsea at Loftus Road and when the highly anticipated moment came, he didn't. Immediately after the non-shakes, a football match broke out.

During the corresponding fixture last season, a video clip without sound turned up on YouTube that allegedly showed Terry using a racial slur against Ferdinand. When Ferdinand saw the clip on a mobile phone after the match, he was upset by it and a member of the public called the police about the incident. This led to a trial in July, where Ashley Cole testified in Terry's defense before Terry was found not guilty.

When it came time for the pre-match handshakes before Saturday's match, Ferdinand gave emphatic shakes to everyone in the Chelsea line except Terry (who said something to Ferdinand as he passed) and Cole. He also tried to nudge the mascot in front of him past both players.

This wasn't the first time someone refused to shake John Terry's hand and it probably won't be the last (Chelsea still have to play QPR again this season, then there's the matches against Anton's passive-aggressively tweeting brother Rio and Manchester United). Hopefully all future incidents continue to lead to more football, though.

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