Viewer backlash over Go Daddy and Calvin Klein spots

Mike Krumboltz
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Not every Super Bowl ad is a winner. Some crash and burn. They try to be funny, or sexy, or dramatic, or memorable, but something just doesn't work.

Or, in the case of this year's Go Daddy spot, nothing works. The spot features supermodel Bar Refaeli and a stereotypical nerdy Go Daddy tech expert. Race car driver Danica Patrick explains that there are two sides to Go Daddy. "There's the sexy side, represented by Bar Refaeli. And the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. Together, they're perfect."

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Then the two kiss. And it isn't a peck, either. This is a long, drawn-out make-out slobberfest that was supposed to be funny (we think), but isn't. But don't take our word for it. The Twitter feedback was not kind.

A few sample tweets:

  • @WorseThanCrocs gave the spot the ultimate thumbs-down: "That Go Daddy commercial... Was Worse Than Crocs."

  • @Dixie_DarlinAL wrote, "I still feel nauseous over that Go Daddy commercial. I hate the sounds of people chewing, let alone that sloppy make out sesh. #Barf."

  • @AP_Retail wrote, "The sound effects in GoDaddy's #thekiss commercial may have made some viewers lose their dinner."

And then there's Calvin Klein. If Go Daddy is known for objectifying women, Calvin Klein shows that ogling is an equal-opportunity pastime. On the heels of last year's David Beckham H&M commercial, this year's Klein ad features a chiseled male named Matthew Terry modeling the fashion icon's new Concept-brand underwear featuring (brace yourself) "360 seamless technology."

What was the reaction on the Web? Not good. The CK spot was given a giant wedgie:

  • @FakeJDGreear wrote, "Ladies, if you flipped the channel for Go Daddy but left it on for Calvin Klein, you're a hypocrite."

  • Vikings punter Chris Kluwe wrote, "And yes, the Calvin Klein one objectified men just as much as Go Daddy did women. I guess we're equal now? Hooray?"

  • @jonacuff tweeted, "If the Calvin Klein underwear folks ever get together with the Go Daddy folks, the most unwatchable ad of all time will be created."

Both the CK and Go Daddy commercial also inspired tweets about the awkwardness viewers felt while watching the commercials with their families:

  • @Brentweets wrote, "That Calvin Klein commercial makes me regret watching the Super Bowl with my mom."

  • @1dupdategirls wrote, "I HATE watching go daddy commercials especially with my family."

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