Video: Czech teams’ imaginative solution for broken glass problem

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A few times each season in the NHL, we see a pane of plexiglass destroyed either by a big hit or errant shot. Workers quickly grab a fresh pane from the bowels of the arena and replace it, and within 10 minutes we're back to playing hockey.

In the Czech 2nd Division, they have no such luxury.

During a game between Uherske Hradiste and Havirov, two players broke a piece of glass along the boards and workers couldn't find a replacement. The refs threatened to abandon the game, but with two minutes remaining and Havirov up 3-2, the teams settled on an alternate solution: Using a spare table to fill the hole.

OK, so how do you keep a spare table in place along the glass? Volunteerism!

That's Havirov backup goaltender Lukas Danecek holding the table, instead of working the bench door.

Havirov would hang on for the 3-2 win and remain in first place in the Second Hockey League's East Division.

So, NHL backup goaltenders, next time glass breaks in an arena you're playing in, be thankful you get a warm spot on the bench and can wear a baseball hat without being forced into extra labor.

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