Usain Bolt runs into flower girl after winning race in Oslo (VIDEO)

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

For being the world's fastest man and one of those technically proficient athletes in human history, Usain Bolt has one noticeable flaw: He's slow off the blocks. As he demonstrated this week at a meet in Oslo, he also could use some work in stopping.

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Bolt nearly ran over a flower girl as he tried to hit the brakes after his victorious 9.79 in the 100 meters at the international Diamond League meet. As the Jamaican slowed to a jog while making the turn on the track, a group of photographers, handlers and greeters swarmed. The three-time Olympic gold medalist ran directly into a flower bearer and nearly knocked her over. He was somehow able to keep his new friend upright by dragging her a few meters as he slowed.

Bolt gave the smiling flower girl a hug after the run-in.

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