Team USA Olympics Ceremony cardigan sells for $3,000

For a cool few thousand dollars, you, too, can look like an Olympian at the Opening Ceremony in Sochi. The Ralph Lauren cardigans, which originally retailed at $395, have already sold out of the online store. But don't worry, Olympics fanatics, because they're still available. You just might just have to shell out a pretty penny. One of the sweaters has already sold on eBay for $3,000. Others are currently being bid at more than $1,700.

Ralph Lauren is known for his classic American designs, but many compared this year's Opening Ceremony outfits cardigans to “ugly Christmas sweaters,” because of the busy and colorful patterns, filled with stars, stripes and the Olympic rings.

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This is the fourth time American fashion kingpin Ralph Lauren designed the ensembles for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams. This year, the outfits were made in the USA, a move that was no doubt in response to the outcry during the 2012 London Olympics Games, when U.S. fans found out the designer outsourced the outfits' manufacturing to China.

"In the coming weeks, our brands will enjoy extraordinarily global visibiity," Chief Operating Officer of Ralph Lauren, Jackwyn Nemerov, told Businessweek.


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