Judo federation will allow headscarf for Saudi judoka

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The Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and the International Judo Federation came to an agreement over competitor Wojdan Shaherkani wearing a headscarf, or hijab, as she competes. Shaherkani is one of the first two women to compete for the conservative kingdom, but her participation in the Olympics was put in jeopardy when the federation said last week she couldn't compete wearing the hijab for safety reasons.

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According to CNN, Shaherkani's father was adamant that she must wear the hijab. There were reports she would withdraw from the Olympics if she was forced to compete without it.

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Though the judo federation is concerned the hijab can be used to injure Shaherkani, she will wear it in competition. Now, she will still compete on Friday as planned. No matter what she wears or what she does on the mat, Shaherkani is a trailblazer for women everywhere.

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