Canada wears denim jackets, a.k.a. Canadian Tuxedos to Closing Ceremony for our amusement (PHOTO)

LONDON — Whatever the Canadian term for "keepin' it real" is, please apply it to the following image:

Yes, it's the Canadian Tuxedo, khaki pants with a denim jacket, complete with patches that feature the Maple Leaf flag and a beaver.

There's really no judging it on a traditional pass/fail scale — it's just Canada, people.

While your first guess may have been Bryan Adams, the jackets were actually designed by Hudson's Bay Company, the official store of the Canadian Olympic Team. Here's a press release from The Bay, beginning with the six greatest words ever written:

Inspired by Canada's love for denim, the Closing Ceremony Jean Jacket has a classic appeal that is familiar to many Canadians.

Embellished with a variety of Canada-inspired patches, worn to symbolize exploration, adventure, accomplishment and pride in Canada, the jacket is an iconic collector piece for the athletes and all Canadians. Also included in the Closing Ceremony look are Heather Grey Maple Leaf T-shirts and sweatshirts, tailored khaki pants and sporty white sneakers. Some of the Canadian Olympic Team may also choose to wear Maple Leaf Red summer toques and/or Maple Leaf Red wayfarer -inspired sunglasses as they celebrate this Olympic moment.

"The Closing Ceremonies have typically been a time for celebration and we wanted our athletes to wear something fun and unexpected and that symbolized who they are as Canadians," says Suzanne Timmins, SVP and Fashion Director, Hudson's Bay Company. "The Closing Ceremony Jean Jacket encompasses everything we were trying to embody when designing the collection. It brings together elements of unity, pride and longevity - making it the perfect choice for our athletes to wear at the Closing Ceremony tonight."

Ah yes, but what did the people say? Glad you asked.

A few of the Twitter reactions to the best denim jackets in the closing ceremony:

Aw, c'mon. Some of those reactions were mean. It's not like they walked out with the matching mullets and bottles of Molson …

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