Watch the greatest Stanley Cup Playoff hype video of 2012: ‘Dare To Dream’ (VIDEO)

The name Janne Makkonen might not light the lamp, but Janne's work should: His video "Our Way Of Life" may go down as one of the most stirring, visceral celebrations of hockey that's ever graced the Web.

Makkonen's new video is titled "Dare To Dream," and it's just as epic: part 2012 Stanley Cup Playoff preview, chronicling the regular season all the way back to the NHL's Summer of Tragedy; and part commemoration of how unpredictable and joyous the postseason is for puckheads. Watch it, and love it:

The music in the piece is "The Bird And The Worm" by The Used. Follow Janne on Twitter here.

s/t to reader Aleksi.

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