Watch 19-year-old Dominic Lammer’s sneaky lacrosse goal in Swiss league (Video)

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There's that wonderful moment in hockey when you know the lacrosse shot* is coming. It's when the defenders are all a safe distance away, having left an attacking player alone behind the net. Then the guy with the puck crouches down and begins to lift it with his stick. You can imagine where it goes from here.

That scenario played out in a recent Swiss league game, as Dominic Lammer of EVZ (Glen Metropolit's team!) electrified the crowd with this sneaky shot against the Kloten Flyers:

(Please note the preceding video was labeled "Airhook von Dominic Lammer" on YouTube and was uploaded by someone named "LammerAirhook." Which is awesome.)

There's an interesting back story to this latest lacrosse goal as well.

From reader Adrian Iten, who hipped us to this clip:

The 19-year old Dominic Lammer is playing for EV Zug in the Swiss National League A (highest league). He was replacing Zug's (and league's) top scorer Damien Brunner as he was out due to sickness.

It was his 5th game of the season and his first NLA-goal. He scored two goals that night and yesterday; Saturday night he had a double goal night again. So quite a good weekend  He played six games this year with 4 goals and 2 assists.

Before he played in Zug he just played 3 other NLA-games for Kloten.

Funny fact is, that he was replacing Damien Brunner who was doing this last year in a game against EHC Biel:

Another fun fact is, that Brunner once had been traded from Kloten Flyers to Zug for nothing (a bad 4th liner called Thomas Walser). Now he's one of the best Swiss offence players and for sure the most creative one. Nice Datsyuk-style shoot out goal:

Now Lammer is traded via Kloten Flyers to Zug as well. And of course everybody is hoping now that they get another Damien Brunner.

Swiss drama! Thanks for the info, sir.

* Whenever we run a clip labeled as a "lacrosse goal," there are always comments from our European readers about how the inspiration is actually Floorball and the "Zorro goal." True as this may be, Mike Legg's was a lacrosse goal. All others shall be categorized thusly.

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