Video: Wayne Gretzky shows you how trick shots are done

We've all seen the crazy trick shot videos that go viral on the Internet like Michael Vick throwing a football out of a stadium or Kobe Bryant leaping over an on-coming car or Evan Longoria saving a reporter's life with a last-grasp snag of a line drive.

Now it's Wayne Gretzky's turn to get in on the fun and represent hockey. Via College Humor, here's The Great One showing us unworthy folk how the trick shot is really done:

We can see "spring has sprong" catching on, can't you?

Forget everything we've seen in the NHL All-Star Skills Trick Shot competition. No. 99 has just set the bar way too high for any current player to hit.

We're now waiting for Mario Lemieux to come out with a trick shot video of his own which is sure to be significantly shorter, but just as accomplished.