Teemu Selanne thinks his bobblehead doll is actually Cam Fowler

Puck Daddy

You'd think a guy like Teemu Selanne -- hockey legend, Finnish hero, predictor of NHL lockout resolutions -- could get anything he wants these days. He's 42 years old and putting up points like when he was 22. That should garner a little respect.

The Anaheim Ducks have created a booster club called the "Die Hards", and as part of joining up you receive a limited edition Selanne bobblehead. Pretty sweet deal, right? Well, not if you ask the Finnish Flash. Selanne was presented the bobblehead last week before he filmed a promo for the club. His initial thoughts? "It looks like Cam Fowler":

Selanne, like always, is correct. The bobblehead's face could easily be mistaken for Fowler:

There are only 725 of these Fowler Selanne bobbleheads available. If by for some odd reason they don't sell out, at least the Ducks will have a headstart on Cam Fowler Bobblehead Night for next season.

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