Sorry, fans: Houston Aeros cut off beer sales at end of 3rd period, prior to ’4th period’ (PHOTO)

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Here at Puck Daddy, we advocate responsible imbibing of adult beverages at hockey games. While personal responsibility is paramount, having concessionaires end their sales at some point during a game is also an effective method of controlling fans' intake.

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Take the Houston Aeros, the Minnesota Wild's AHL affiliate, for example. They boldly cut off sales of alcoholic beverages for fans during home games at Toyota Center. Yep … if you want to grab a beer in the first minute of overtime, you're plum outta luck, buster:

From friend of the blog Ritch Duncan on's Dumb As a Blog:

Granted, the Toyota center is also home to the NBA's Houston Rockets, so I specifically asked the young lady if I could get a beer during third period action.

"Yes sir," she said with a smile. "We don't want drinking and driving, so we stop alcohol after the third."

Makes sense. Obviously, having extra time added to the game is a fantastic way for fans to sober up, despite it being impossible to predict both in occurrence and duration. Then again, you might be attending those two-thirds of regular-season games that don't go to overtime, in which case you can suck down suds through the final whistle and then stagger off to your next destination. Old time hockey!

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