Scandal alert: Evander Kane favorites Tweet advocating trade to Flyers

Scandal alert: Evander Kane favorites Tweet advocating trade to Flyers

Back in the olden days, asking for a trade was a simple, straightforward affair. All you did then was storm past your coach, get right up to the team president who's sitting by the glass, tell him your time in his city was over, and that's it. Traded.

But times have changed. Nowadays, we prefer our NHLers demure, calculating, and maybe even a tad passive-aggressive. So instead of a big, showy "get me outta here", you get something a little more understated, like, say, favoriting a Tweet asking for you to be traded to another team. We'll call this the Evander Kane method:

via Broad Street Hockey.
via Broad Street Hockey.

Does this count as tampering? Asking for a friend.

Granted, Kane could just claim this was an accident. It's possible he favorited the tweet inadvertently, like maybe he was simply trying to click on "additional options", but his finger slipped and he hit the star instead, which in this case isn't just the favorite button, but also THE SCANDAL BUTTON.

If it was an accident, it's an amazing accident. The Flyers, after all, are hosting the NHL Draft this weekend, and no doubt general manager Ron Hextall, already no stranger to big, bold trades, might really enjoying doing what New Jersey Devils GM  Lou Lamoriello did last year, by making the biggest, boldest trade of the day in front of his home fans.

And say, come to think of it, a left wing spot just opened up...

Now, lest you think we're making too much out of the favorite that shook the world, know that we're not the only outlet that took notice. Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun has also penned a piece on Kane's apparent endorsement of the Tweet.

The Kane Tweet only increased the chatter surrounding him, leading an annoyed Kevin Cheveldayoff to shut down the questions as best he could:

“These kind of questions are really unfair,” Cheveldayoff told reporters in Philadelphia. “There’s lots of conversations that go on and I’m sure that there were different levels of frustration at different points and times for different players. From our standpoint, Evander is a Winnipeg Jet. I know there are obviously lots of different rumours and that out there.

“At this point and time, that’s how we’re going to proceed. As far as any (trade) demands, we’re working as normal.”

Same for Kane. He's just sitting around, kicking it on Twitter, minding his own business, waiting by the money phone in case he gets traded, which he'd probably be okay with.

He's since un-favorited the tweet. WHICH ONLY MAKES HIM LOOK GUILTIER.

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