Puck Treasures: Python skin Hartford Whalers and Minnesota North Stars hats

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Would you throw a $400 NHL python skin hat onto the ice if a player scores three goals?

That is, literally, a question we've never considered until we spied these incredible lids from the RSVP Gallery in Chicago: Hartford Whalers and Minnesota North Stars hats "made of python skin sewn on premium lamb skin with a gold buckle."

(And here you thought lamb skin was only for prophylactic users with latex allergies.)

We believe it was the great philosopher Butthead who once said, "This is the coolest thing I have ever seen."

Mitchell & Ness, the gear company that creates all the swag for defunct NHL teams, previously released a Snake Skin Strapback in blue, but that doesn't rank with the awesomeness seen here.

Gold buckle! The eternal struggle between snakes and lambs! And yours for only $400!

Sure, it's a hat that'll put the squeeze on you, and your wallet will shed four large. But let us asp you a question: Wouldn't you give fangs to anyone who slithers over, rattles your door and hits you with this sidewinder? Seriously, vipe your eyes and get over your cottonmouth — someone has a Whalers hat made of python for you!

It's enough to make you mamba. (OK, now we're done.)

s/t Dameshek boards.

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