Phoenix misses the NHL, even during an Arizona Cardinals blowout (PHOTO)

Puck Daddy

Yes, we know: Blah blah blah Glendale's not a good hockey market blah blah they don't even have an owner yet blah.

Well, on Sunday, during the Arizona Cardinals' blowout win over the Detroit Lions, one Phoenix Coyotes fan got this emo sign on the FOX Sports broadcast, marking the first time the NHL has appeared on the network without being accompanied by cartoon robots. (Oh, and message to said cartoon robots: Quit rubbin' it in.)

So there you go: Phoenix Coyotes fans (Canada: "All three of them.") representing puck at a Cardinals game, or at least yearning to watch an actual playoff team again. Letting the world know how much they miss watching the NHL … or perhaps how much they miss the NHL when forced to watch inept quarterbacking for four quarters (three picks, Stafford? Seriously?).

s/t Patrick McGuire for the image

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