Paul Stastny spears Cody McCormick in the groin, because everybody's doing it (Video)

Another day, another NHLer's gonads assailed by a foe. It's like hockey's postseason performers are so worried about getting suspended for headshots, they're overcompensating by going low.

Very, very low.

Paul Stastny became the latest to join a long line of groin-hurters, giving Cody McCormick the how-do-ya-do after a battle in front of the Minnesota net. He was caught, and sent to the penalty box to feel shame for going after McCormick's, well, shame. (I was raised in church). Here's the money shot:

The penalty was called slashing, but only because the NHL doesn't have a penalty for "crotch assault". I guess you could call it unsportsmanslike conduct, but it's hard to argue it's unsportsmanslike when most hockey's sportsmen appear to be doing it this postseason. It's very in. 

Unfortunately for the Wild, the hockey gods appear to be exhausted at dealing with all these low blows. Rather than punish Stastny for his misdeed, they rewarded him. He stepped out of the box and was hit with a breakaway pass, on which he scored to cut the Wild's lead in half.

Considering this bears a starting similarity to Milan Lucic's hit on Danny DeKeyser (and shares a common thread with Ryan Garbutt's spear on Corey Perry), one imagines Stastny is also about to become the latest NHLer to be fined an insigificant amount of money. An idea: prior to the start of round 2, Stephane Quintal tells the players that he's done with mean-nothing fines, and starts actually suspending for this garbage.