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Patrick Kane and Tyler Seguin: Things are getting weird in Switzerland (PHOTOS)

Patrick Kane and Tyler Seguin are playing for EHC Biel in Switzerland, and it's our hope that someone over there has the good sense to film their adventures '24/7'-style. Because they seem fun.

There was the photo of Seguin trying to shoot Sith lightning out of his fingers while both players wore their garish jerseys-as-billboards. There were the totally bizarre promotional shots of Kane wielding two axes and a mightily Photoshopped Seguin raising his axe into the air He-Man style. (s/t That Katie Lynn for those images).

Now, via Seguin's Twitter feed, we see our heroes in a photo shoot with "Switzerland's top wrestler", who apparently isn't Antonio Cesaro. Our Neutral Grappler has lifted both NHL players up in the image above, which appears to be taking place in some type of bull fighting ring. Or what passes for a beach in Switzerland.

The Swiss Ringmaster also raised Patrick Kane higher than he's been since that uncomfortable incident with the malfunctioning cherry-picker:


Again, we're not ones to simply toss up an image and demand that you "create a caption" for it. But should you be so inspired to do so … please, feel free, in the comments.

And, while you're at it, please tell us what the hell these guys are wearing ...

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