Patrick Kane ices Blackhawks’ rout of Stars with sick spin-o-rama goal (VIDEO)

The Chicago Blackhawks' historic point streak may be over, but at least one thing one thing remains unchanged from the moment the season began: Patrick Kane is still incredible. The Hawks' MVP put on another show in Chicago's 8-1 rout over Dallas, scoring this beauty of a spin-o-rama goal:

Best part of the clip: it's so disorienting that the scorekeepers put it up as a Dallas goal at first. Either that or they'd just stopped caring by then.

Sure, you could be upset that Kane's still giving his all at the tail end of a complete shellacking. Or you could revel in it, since Kane letting his foot off the gas means we don't get to see this beauty.

Sometimes, Kane pulls off difficult moves so effortlessly you'd think you were watching a video game. This is one of those occasions, as he coasts into the Dallas end, spins, and fires a backhand over Richard Bachman's shoulder in one gorgeous, fluid motion. In a video game, this is easy. You hit the spin button, then you hit the shoot button. In real life, it's considerably more difficult. But not for Kane, who effortlessly gives us one of the prettiest goals of the year.

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