Pass or Fail: Penguins fan shaves support for team into his chest hair

Some fans scream at the game. Some fans express themselves with a sign. Others paint their faces or, in David Puddy’s case, their chests.

And then there’s this Pittsburgh Penguins fan captured by Seth Rorabaugh of Empty Netters at Game 1 vs. the Ottawa Senators, who shaved “LETS GO PENS” into his chest hair:

What, no apostrophe?

Wow. That is … wow. We’re mostly impressed that all the letters face the right direction, which speaks to either his impressive mastery of mirror reflections or the creepy implication that he has an accomplice in his man-scaping.

When we spotted this photo on Twitter, we had a sense of hair-story repeating.

Was this guy the same guy who spotted this hirsute billboard during the Penguins vs. Washington Capitals series back in May 2009? Based on these strands of evidence, we think so:

As Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog wrote:

This guy cancels everything else out. This guy rules. I'd proudly sit next to this guy for 60 minutes, or as long as it takes, really.

But what say you about using your chest fur to support the team?

Pass or Fail: The shaven chest NHL fan tribute.

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