NHL business model ‘dysfunctional’; Datsyuk the world’s best; Fehr is good at this (Puck Headlines)

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Via @gabemarconi, who saw this at Wegmans in Rochester. I agree with the truck.

• The NHL has lost nearly 10 per cent of its games to labour stoppages in the last 20 years, which is insanity. "'Clearly, its business model is dysfunctional,'" said Tony Knopp, the chief executive of Spotlight TMS, a company that manages corporate ticket sales. "'Things have to be terrible for them to be willing to throw away two seasons in less than 10 years.'" [NY Times]

• CONTROVERSY ALERT: Ilya Kovalchuk pulls a Peter Laviolette, putting over his centre as the best in the world: "I personally consider Datsyuk the best center in the world," Kovalchuk said as the two players prepared to suit up for Team Russia on the Euro Hockey Tour, "so there's great satisfaction and experience from playing alongside him." [R Sport]

• In praise of Donald Fehr, who's done everything the players could have asked for (short of ending the lockout, I guess). "From the start, Fehr has emphasized communication and consistency in a measured and unemotional style. Any player, regardless of whether he belongs to the executive board or negotiating committee, can attend bargaining sessions. The NHLPA assumes the tab for airfare and accommodations. Players can access a mobile app for the latest updates." [Boston Globe]

• James Conley says it's insane to blame the owners and the players equally. [Pensburgh]

• Applying Fenno's Paradox -- which posits that people think their congressman is good, even though they think congressmen on the whole are less so -- to hockey. It works for your favourite team's owner, too. [Japers' Rink]

• You absolutely must read Ryan Lambert's "A Twitsmas Carol". [Storify, Sean Gentille]

• Jake Gardiner is in a concussion state, which is a little like Garden State, except you have to sit in the dark so you can't watch Garden State, which makes it a better state than Garden State. [Leafs Nation]

• Henrik Lundqvist misses the NHL: "I've tried to be positive. I have to admit that I never thought we would be out this long. I've never gone through anything like this before. The first couple of weeks were weird but then when I realized we might be out for a long time, I started to freak out a little bit. It's hard to explain." Trust me, Henrik, we get it. [NY Post]

• Doug Maclean is considering getting into politics. [CBC]

• Goaltender Eric Comrie's Captain America mask is pretty excellent. But it would be way cooler if it were made of vibranium. [InGoal Mag]

• Teemu Selanne's restaurant, Teemu Tavern, will not have a hockey theme. Said Selanne, crushing the hopes of many: "I don't want a sports bar." [OC Register]

• Shea Weber is having a tough time staying optimistic, which proves that being paid $13 million more than your colleagues still might not make you happy. [Sportsnet]

• The AHL's Hershey Bears unveil their jersey for the Outdoor Classic on January 20. They had me at chocolate stripes. [Icethetics]

• Great read here: The Winnipeg Jets killed my father. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

• Tyler Dellow looks at long-term contracts and the CBA. [MC79 Hockey]

• We have hockey here and you don't. [Hockey Over the Pond]

• The ECHL and AHL have seen small attendance increases during the lockout, but they'd really rather have the NHL back. [Toledo Blade]

• NHL and NHLPA, if you manage to disenfranchise the hardcore poolies, you're finished. [The Hockey News]

• And finally, This Hour Has 22 Minutes presents: "The Lockout Sweater":

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