Mike Milbury upset Blues didn’t give Sharks ‘slight concussions’ (Video)

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The St. Louis Blues took some stupid penalties in their Game 2 Western Conference Final loss to the San Jose Sharks. Troy Brouwer slashed Brent Burns in the second period, leading to a Sharks power-play goal. Steve Ott steamrolled Joe Pavelski, leading to another San Jose power play. 

Mike Milbury of NBCSN watched these plays, and was unimpressed. Not just because the Blues were undisciplined. Because they failed to injure the Sharks.

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“This is so unsatisfying for me as a former coach to watch a player with a slash that doesn’t really hurt him. If you’re going to slash him, crack a bone or something. If you’re going to hit somebody from behind, give him a slight concussion or whatever. I don’t mean that obviously too seriously, but just something!” he said.


Don’t worry: He was just kidding about those slight concussions the Blues should have given the Sharks.

He had to be, right? I mean, for a professional hockey analyst to proclaim that, as a coach, he’d want his players to “crack a bone or something” when taking a penalty while at the same time demonizing someone like Brooks Orpik for a “predatory” hit that injures an opponent … why, that would be the epitome of hypocrisy! It’s almost like he’d slam Orpik because he once hurt a Bruin or something!

So it’s been a week for NBCSN hockey coverage. Sheesh.

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