Matt Hendricks blocks shot in the nuttiest way (Video)

For the gentlemen in the readership, a fair warning: This one hurts.

On Thursday night against the Dallas Stars, Matt Hendricks of the Edmonton Oilers blocked a shot from the blue line by Alex Goligoski. The puck sailed off his stick … and sailed into the most sensitive of areas for Hendricks.

The Oilers forward dropped the ice and then pounded it with his bare fist as the pain shot through his body. He crawled on the ice, and then was helped off by the trainers.

On his way to the dressing room, Hendricks looked like he had just ridden a horse from Edmonton to Dallas. Maybe a call to Patrick Thoresen is in order.

But cue up another round of “HOCKEY PLAYERS ARE TOUGHER THAN THE ATHLETES IN YOUR SPORT OF CHOICE,” as Hendricks returned to the game in the third period after a frozen disc of vulcanized rubber bounced off his twig and berries.

He finished the game with no points, one shot, 10:05 of ice time and memories to last a lifetime. 

UPDATE: After the game, Hendricks used the incident as a handy way to plug his equipment makers: 

Hell of an endorsement right there.


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