John Tortorella not amused by cell phone ringtone, confusing Chris Kreider question after Game 1

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New York Rangers Coach John Tortorella's postgame press conferences have become an amusing facet of the team's playoff run, even inspiring a DJ remix of his caustic responses. OK, in fairness, they're amusing to everyone that doesn't draw Torts' ire during a postgame chat.

To that end, a request, going forward: Please set your cell phones to vibrate before Tortorella begins his presser, or at least figure out which button mutes it. Or else this is going to happen (one NSFW word):

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And it had to be that ringtone, right? The old timey rotary phone one? (UPDATE: The writer in question was Jay Greenberg of the NY Post CBC. Somehow Larry Brooks will be blamed for this.)

To the surprise of no one, this was scrubbed from the official transcript. But that wasn't the only Torts classic from Game 1.

Earlier in his Game 1 press conference, after the Rangers' 3-0 victory over the New Jersey Devils, Tortorella was faced with a long-winded and confusing question about rookie Chris Kreider's playoff prowess … which Torts handled thusly:

Thank the Hockey Gods the Rangers won Game 1, for that reporter's sake. Then again, had they lost, the press conference would have been over by that point …

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