Jack Jablonski makes his Zach Parise pitch for Minnesota Wild

There's been a lot of celebrity pitching going on during the NHL's Free Agent Frenzy. Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey called Justin Schultz to compel him to come to the Edmonton Oilers. Chris Chelios is expected to lobby Ryan Suter to play for the Detroit Red Wings. Sidney Crosby made a call on behalf of the Pittsburgh Penguins to free-agent star Zach Parise.

But when it comes to Parise, is there any more inspiring plea than that of another Minnesota hockey hero?

That was Benilde-St. Margaret's (Minn.) High's Jack Jablonski on Twitter, who was paralyzed after a check from behind during a game on Dec. 30, 2011. He's since been able to move his left ankle and middle finger of his left hand.

Previously, Parise called Jablonski and offered support when the 16-year-old player was recovering in the hospital following the hit.

The Minnesota Wild, of course, are have made an offer to Parise, a Minneapolis native, that could total over $115 million.

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