Isles' Kulemin, Grabovski try to adapt to Brooklyn hipster culture (Video)

The New York Islanders moving from Nassau Coliseum to Barclays Center in Brooklyn has required some adjusting for everyone involved: from players to coaches to employees to fans. It hasn't been easy, but they're making the most of it. (Well, except for future morning skates in Brooklyn. RIP.)

In a video short from The Fourth Period, Islanders forwards Nikolay Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski show us just how the transition has gone and what kind of changes the players have had to make in their daily lives. It's their best work together since their Ice Bucket Challenge video last summer.

The “How to Fit Into Brooklyn Hipster Culture: Russian Edition" shows Grabovsky and Kulemin learning about ironic facial hair, skinny jeans, saying no to brands, going vegan, and the importance of Instagramming your meals.

Most importantly, we get to see a beautiful, majestic creature in the wild once again: those infamous Islanders' fishsticks jerseys.

Stick-tap Andy Graziano