Help NHL player in his time of need with the ‘I Care’ program (VIDEO)

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On Wednesday, we featured a series of videos in which fans mocked Gary Bettman, the man many believe to be responsible for this present lockout. But it's important to note that not every fan is fully pro-player.

Brandon Williams isn't. At least, that's the vibe I get from his hilarious PSA, "I Care", which asks you to help these poor, destitute NHLers in their time of need by adopting a player and paying his salary.

Look into the eyes of an NHLer and say "I care":

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"For only $20,835 a month -- that works out to a mere $694.50 a day -- you can help an NHL player remain economically viable during this terrible time of need."

Like I said: I suspect Williams finds it a little difficult to muster much empathy for the players.

"And when you sign up for this program, you'll receive an unsigned photo of your sponsored player, lounging in the Caribbean or playing golf."

I also suspect he doesn't think the players can empathize much with the fans.

Lastly, speaking of fans, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that Mr. Williams is a Vancouver Canucks supporter. Either that or he just thinks the Canucks are the most expressive team in the NHL, because this video is wall to wall Canucks.

Granted, Roberto Luongo does make some incredible faces.

s/t to Eye on Hockey.

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